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Energize your Body During your Road Trip

The freedom of the open road just seems to calls to some of us.  There is something wonderful about jumping into a car knowing the next time you get out you will find yourself in a different city, state or even country.  The anticipation of new experiences,...

3 Sleeping Positions to Reduce Back Pain

Trying to sleep while experiencing back pain can be frustrating. Your body needs sleep to recover and heal, yet, you can’t get comfortable to get a good night’s rest.  Difficulty sleeping is among one of the most common problems associated with low back pain....

Is your smartphone making you unhealthy?

Smartphones have invaded our world and taken over our lives.  Everywhere you look you will find people scrolling and tapping on their phones oblivious to their surroundings.  Even when people aren’t actively using their phones, they are often carrying them...

4 Ways to Speed your Recovery after a Total Knee Replacement

What made you have knee replacement surgery?  Was it because the pain became so unbearable you could hardly walk?  Did having to climb the bleachers at your granddaughter’s basketball game keep you from watching her play?  Was it that you just...

Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise.  How many times have you heard that the best way to do anything is to eat healthier and exercise more? Need to lose a few pounds, or 60?  Diet and exercise. Want to prevent heart attacks and stroke? Diet and exercise. Having problems with...

4 Keys to Effective Stretching

There is something magnificent about stretching.  There are few things as satisfying as the morning stretch before you get out of bed to start your day.  It seems to be the extra boost your body needs to complete the transition from being a groggy sloth to...

Four Principles of Neck Pain You Should Know

Its Common Even though it is difficult to measure, research has suggested the prevalence of neck pain in the general population to be as high as 62%.  It is more common in women than men and it should come as no surprise that it is reported more in persons with...

2 Ways to Make Your Home Exercise Program a Habit

2 Ways to Make Your Home Exercise Program a Habit How much time do you want to spend in physical therapy?  Do you want to get better?  Do you strive to get stronger/faster/more flexible/more pain free?   If so, you'll be happy to hear there is a...

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Desk Job Healthier

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Desk Job Healthier If you are like many Americans, you spend large portions of your day sitting in front of a computer.  This habit has taken a toll on our bodies.  Research shows that not only do we have an increased risk...

Falls Prevention

Preventing falls: You don’t have to be afraid No one thinks that this will be the day.  As you look at your to do list, falling is certainly not on it.  Unfortunately, a fall is likely in the life of an older adult. In the United States, an older adult is treated in...


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